Befesa Aluminium, designs, constructs, assembles and commissions the facilities so that they are ready for use, in the aluminium, zinc and lead industries. This department has been working since the 1970s and has a broad list of references of over 100 Installations in over 40 countries. The main products are:

  • Casting lines for the manufacturing of ingots with average weight of 5-25 Kg. Befesa is leader in this type of installations for the primary aluminium market. 
  • Casting wheels. This part belongs to the casting line and is a connecting piece that ensures that the casting is done without foams and assures a uniform result in ingots form. We also manufactured to suit the requirements for other casting lines that already exist. Because of the success of the Remetal casting wheel design, there will be no casting line in the future that does not contain one of our casting wheels.
  • Truck loader, as a part of the casting line we have developed a continuous charging system that loads the trucks directly with the bundles from the casting line.
  • Tilting rotary furnaces with a capacity between 25 and 60 t, with a higher productivity and a lower energy consumption that is specifically developed for materials with a low metal content. Befesa is leader in this market thanks to productivity, metal yield and easy handling.
  • Salt slag cooling system. This process has shown a high efficiency worldwide. It cools the salt slag and classifies it depending on the metal content of our customer’s requirements. This process is important to contain the fumes and prevent the combustion of the metals so that we increase average metal content of the salt slag. Ulterior a new system which has been patented, cools the salt slag and compacts it into a more efficient design.
  • Facilities for slag treatments. Befesa has developed a process to enrich slags with a minimal loss of metal. The milling process recovers the metal part and only mills the non-metal part.

We provide solutions for the cleaning and defoaming of the containers used for liquid aluminium transportation. For ingot and pressed stud, we also provide solutions for the labelling and strapping of the finished product.