Befesa Aluminium, designs, constructs, assembles and starts up the facilities so they are ready for use, in the aluminium, zinc and lead cast houses. This department has been working since the 1970s and has a broad list of references of over 150 Installations in over 40 countries. Practical experience in casting comes from Befesa own casthouses. The main products are:

  • Ingot Casting machines for the manufacturing of ingots with average weight of 5-25 Kg. Befesa is leader in this type of installations for the  aluminium market. With options of robotic ingot skimming, ingot marking, stencilling, automatic strapping, label applicators, launders, CFF degassing…
  • Zinc slab casting machines with same options as mentioned above for aluminium ingot  casting line
  • Zinc jumbo casting machine
  • Lead pig ingot casting machines
  • Casting wheels for ingot casting lines and tundish for zinc slab casting line
  • Crucible skimming automatic, robot based
  •  Liquid aluminium treatment at crucible for the removal of Alkali contents in the   coming liquid metal from the smelter pot room
  • Salt slag cooling system. This process is the only effective to cool the highly reactive salt slags from tilting rotary furnaces
  • Dross cooling systems
  • Facilities for slag treatments. Befesa has developed a process to enrich slags with a minimal loss of metal. The dross milling plant process recovers the metal part and only mills the non-metal part.
  • Aluminium Sow casting machine air cooled, and water cooled
  • Water cooling and treatment plants for aluminium casthouse

Befesa, formerly known as Remetal, was the first company to introduce robots in the cast houses and by its own development achieves systems that are both sophisticated and user friendly.

New Sow Caster
Increased production at ICL by pumps
Metal Skimming and Treatment at Crucible
Salt slag process